The ultimate solution for pet-friendly homes

The ultimate solution for pet-friendly homes

Are you a pet owner living in Glen Ellyn or La Grange, Illinois, and looking for flooring that can stand up to the daily wear and tear caused by your furry friends? Look no further than Desitter Flooring, your trusted local flooring store. We understand that pets are an integral part of your family, and we're here to help you find the perfect contemporary carpets that offer the best protection against pets. In this blog, we'll explore the various options and benefits of pet-friendly carpets that will keep your home looking stylish and clean.

Why Choose Contemporary Carpets?

Contemporary carpets are an excellent choice for pet owners for several reasons. Not only do they add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home, but they also offer practical benefits, making them an ideal flooring option for pet-friendly households.

1. Durability

Contemporary carpets are designed to be resilient and long-lasting. They are often made with high-quality fibers like nylon or polyester, which can withstand the wear and tear of pets' claws and paws. These materials are also stain-resistant, making it easier to clean up those occasional accidents.

2. Comfort

Pets love to curl up on soft and cozy surfaces, and contemporary carpets provide just that. Your furry friends will appreciate the comfort and warmth of a carpeted floor, making it their favorite spot to relax.

3. Noise Reduction

Pets can be noisy, especially when they're running and playing. Carpets have excellent sound-absorbing properties, reducing the noise levels in your home. This can be particularly advantageous if you live in an apartment or have neighbors below.

4. Easy Maintenance

Contemporary carpets are designed with pet owners in mind. They are crafted to resist stains and are easy to clean. Many options come with built-in stain protection, allowing you to wipe away spills and accidents effortlessly.

Pet-Friendly Carpet Features to Consider

When shopping for pet-friendly carpets at Desitter Flooring, here are some essential features to consider:

1. Stain Resistance

Look for carpets with built-in stain resistance technology. These carpets are treated to repel spills and accidents, making cleanup a breeze.

2. Low Pile

Carpets with a low pile are less likely to trap pet hair and are easier to vacuum. They are also more durable and less prone to damage from claws.

3. Color and Pattern

Choosing the right color and pattern can help camouflage any occasional stains or pet hair between cleanings. Neutral colors and busy patterns are often good choices.

4. Odor Resistance

Some contemporary carpets come with odor-resistant properties, which can be a significant benefit for pet owners.

Top Pet-Friendly Carpet Brands at Desitter Flooring

At Desitter Flooring, we carry a wide selection of pet-friendly carpets from top brands known for their quality and durability. Some of our recommended brands for pet owners include:

- Mohawk Flooring:
Mohawk offers a variety of stain-resistant carpets designed to withstand the challenges of pet ownership.

- Shaw Floors:
Shaw Floors also provides a range of pet-friendly carpets that are both stylish and functional.

- Stainmaster:
Stainmaster carpets are well-known for their stain resistance and durability, making them a top choice for pet owners.

- Karastan:
Karastan offers elegant and luxurious carpets with excellent durability and stain resistance.

If you're a pet owner in Glen Ellyn or La Grange, Illinois, looking for the best protection against pets without compromising on style and comfort, contemporary carpets from Desitter Flooring are the solution. With our wide selection of pet-friendly carpets and expert advice, you can transform your home into a pet paradise while maintaining a beautiful and functional living space. Visit our showroom today and let our friendly team help you find the perfect carpet for your pet-friendly home. Say goodbye to worries about scratches, stains, and odors, and say hello to a cozy and stylish living environment for both you and your furry companions!