Back to School with Queen Bee Interiors

Laura Faucher
Queen Bee Interiors
4733 Howard Ave
Western Springs, Illinois 60558

"Back to School" brings us back inside our homes. Our focus shifts from outdoor  living spaces to indoors. Often, we see our homes through a different lens desiring
a few changes to revive the look and feel of our everyday living. Color is the easiest way to change things up. What inspires you? You may have a favorite
piece of art, decorative accessory, rug or piece of furniture. Use these items for color inspiration. Select several coordinating colors. Sample these paint colors on the wall 
using the 24 hour rule. Take your time. Evaluate the color during the day, night, sunny  and dreary before making the final decision. Then call in your favorite painter.
You will find the room will take on new life, perhaps inspiring you to look at your other rooms with a more critical eye or calling in a professional for added expertise.