This August, we'd like to recognize Mia Rao as our designer of the month!

Mia Rao is the founder and driving force for Mia Rao Design, a successful Chicago design firm launched in 2001, and based in Chicago’s West Town.

Mia’s vision is to foster a collaborative environment with the client to create the ideal space. Her trademark intuitive nature allows her to tap into each client’s unique personality, interest and lifestyle. Mia utilizes that connection to transform each space into a true reflection of it’s occupants. She believes that one’s home environment should be a place to take refuge from the fast-paced world.

Mia draws design inspiration from her Italian and Finish heritage, as well as her world travels. Expertly blending these diverse cultural influences, she fuses each room into a cohesive, inviting environment. Mia’s designs elicit visual interest, depth and energy inspired by the world’s canvas. Nature is also always inspiring Mia to bring the outside in.

At her core, spending time with family and friends really grounds Mia. Her two young daughters inspire her lead by example as a thriving female entrepreneur.

Don’t concern yourself with trends and your space won’t date itself. Staying current or relevant
is different than being trendy. Classic is best, whether in the modern or traditional style.

Often a bathroom is not the biggest space, so every inch counts in terms of functionality and
adding beautiful elements. I find many of our clients prefer a shower so I try to encourage them
to go all out, whether it’s incorporating high-end fixtures, tile, team or body sprays, I think the
shower should have a spa-like feel.

Buy things that speak to you when you travel. Don’t concern yourself with “where will this go in
my home?” Just go for it, you may never return to that destination! It also gives you a treasure
to remember the experience by.

The modern home often centers around great food and entertainment. Creating a kitchen that
is open and welcoming to friends and family in key when designing with soul.

Don’t be afraid of color, even in small doses! It breathes life into a space