At Designstorms, our signature style is fresh, classic and uniquely inspired with hints of the trendy and unexpected, yet always perfectly you. While our work is recognizable by our standards of quality and detail, every design is a unique reflection of our clients. We love to say that each home has its own “design DNA” that guides us in how it should look, feel, flow and function – based not only on its architectural style, but on how each family lives and the emotions they want to inspire. Whether we’re working with clients on every step of a new build or selecting a room’s finishing touches, we use that DNA to guide clients through each choice, ensuring a space that is thoughtful, distinctive, and as stunning as it is seamless to live in. The feedback we get most often (and love the most) is that a space is exactly what the owners dreamed of but couldn’t achieve on their own. We’re delighted to be bringing that same curated approach to our new designer showroom, Storm Inspired, in downtown Glen Ellyn, featuring handpicked vendors of one-of-a-kind and custom pieces, as well as our exclusive Storm Inspired line of furnishings and accessories.

Designer Tips:

Trends come and go. Some linger for a few years and others for only a season. When we are designing and making selections for the “bones” of the home, like cabinets, tiles, trim work, carpet and flooring, etc. we like to go with solid choices that will stand the test of time. Lighting, wallcovering, home accessories and smaller scale furnishings are great tools for bringing in trendy items that can easily be preplaced without huge expense.

If you make the decision to enlist professional design help, be prepared to trust your designer and be stretched a little! We want to introduce you to furnishings and design ideas that maybe you have not seen in a magazine.

Designing a home is an emotional process, we often say we are 50% designers and 50% marriage counselors! We can’t do our best work if someone is always questioning us or over researching things. That ends up being a time suck for everyone. At the end of the day, our number one goal is to make sure you love your space, that it is unique to you and that you had fun in the process.

Paint is easy to change. Don’t be afraid of it, but maybe consider being bold in a smaller room, rather than a 2 story foyer!