Liz Flowers of Liz Flowers Interiors, partnered with Medallion Renovations, focuses on residential home renovations and design. Our unique partnership allows us to create a home that reflects the people living in the space, rather than replicating a particular style. Our designs pay special attention to creative, fun details, while offering flexibility for real-life family living.

Many of our clients bring kitchen and bath renovation projects to our design table, allowing us the ability to give ideas on decorative materials and options for luxurious add-ons. We take pride in knowing that our homeowners will enjoy a beautiful new space that serves not only their basic needs, but also creates a delightful and pleasing space that reflects their personal style.

The floors of a space are often one of the single largest surface areas. By creating a room with a focus on color, pattern, transition and texture, as well as function, floors form the foundation of good design and comfort. By partnering with DeSitter Flooring, we are able to offer and achieve some of the most amazing designs for a space that truly reflects the overall atmosphere of a room.

Please take some time to enjoy some of the beautiful tile, wood and carpet details of some of our most recent projects.

Liz’s Top Design Tip’s:

1) Be a part of the process! You will live in your space everyday and it is important to surround yourself with things you enjoy! Don’t be afraid to speak out if a designer is offering an option you aren’t crazy about. Your home is YOUR space!

2) Remember that bold colors make great accents! You may want to buy that red couch, but keep in mind, the wall shouldn’t be red, too. Use the bolder color to create contrast and interest in your room. Great pillows, throw blankets and other decorative accents should not blend into the walls or couch, but should stand on their own as a decorative element.

3) Neutrals are great in big spaces! Use your smaller spaces for bolder, more interesting designs. Your large spaces should feel like you have room to move and breath. Neutrals work great in large spaces, with pops of color scattered throughout. You can always change your accent pieces to keep up with new trends without investing in new furniture.

4) Not all empty wall space needs a picture! Sometimes less is more. Often, larger, interesting pieces of art can make a statement without crowding the walls with too many smaller pictures or pieces. If you want to create a collage, select a space that will use the collage as a unit, not as a series of mismatched images that do not allow the eye a place to land.

5) Watch the height of what you hang! One of the most repeated mistakes is hanging a picture too high. This often happens when a tall person hangs a picture on the wall. It will make the room look off balance. Pictures should be hung in your sightline. A good rule of thumb to follow is to hang a picture 57” from the bottom of the floor to the center of the sightline of the image.

6) Walk on your new rug before you buy it! Often times when a rug gets home, the new owner may like how the rug looks, but once your shoes are off, you may not like how it feels. Before you buy, throw off those shoes and socks and try the carpet out! If you like how it feels, you will like how it looks even more!

7) Lighting can make the space and set the mood. Make sure you have good lamps, and lampshades that allow the right amount of light for the space. Dark lampshades will not allow as much light through and will create a darker effect. Lighter shades will brighten a room with a soft light. Overhead lighting should be installed with dimmer switches to give the homeowner plenty of lighting options for different times of day and use.

8) Dress your windows! Finishing your windows doesn’t mean get yourself some heavy drapery and spend a lot of money. Simple treatments to finish off the window will finish off the room. Know your style and select options that create clean lines and are not too difficult to clean.

9) Flow from room to room while maintaining a unique look. Every room does not need to be the same color, same furniture, same type of wood. Rooms can vary but should have a sense of flow. Using some of the same color schemes or accents between rooms can create flow without making each room look the same. For example, if your living room and dining room are connected, using colors from each room in the different spaces can create continuity without making them look like twins.

10) Have fun! Decorating is an opportunity to reflect your individual style. Finding a fun chandelier, piece of artwork, or great rug can be an excellent way to distinguish your style. Be creative and think outside the box. An unexpected object can make the difference between an average room and one with some pizzazz!