Sarah Coe Design located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois; is a full-service interior design firm to recently join our DeSitter team of design trade clientele/partners. For over 16 years Sarah Coe has helped clients build their dream houses, remodel their homes, and everything in between. In November of 2018, she opened The Design Studio, a retail store and design showroom full of inspirational one of a kind finds and beautiful pieces that you can touch, feel, and purchase off the floor. Open to the public Monday through Friday, 10am-3pm, come see for yourself what Sarah Coe and her team can do for you and your next design project.

Hooray! Spring has finally sprung, summer is around the corner and good flooring is something we often take for granted as the lines blur between being indoors and out. I personally appreciate the hard work my floors and floor coverings do for me and my family.

As a mom of three active kids and a dog, having hardwood floors, stone tile, and quality rugs helps keep me sane this time of year.

Quality wood floors are easy to clean, the stone floors in my kitchen hide dirt, which is a reality with a family of 5, and the wool rugs in my family room and at my front door trap dirt and dust from the air which are only released when vacuumed up.

Did you know that natural fibers have special properties that synthetics just can’t compete with? Wool is naturally moisture and stain resistant. Real wood can be sanded down when scratched or the finish is outdated. You might pay a little more when purchasing these items, but the longevity and durability of natural fibers knocks the faux products out of the park.

So, as you consider your next remodeling project think natural flooring materials, using Sarah Coe Design and DeSitter to help you and you will not be disappointed.

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