How to Impact Your Bedroom by Using a Fabulous Chandelier
Traditionally chandeliers were reserved for use in dining rooms and
foyers, but recently it has become fashionable to hang chandeliers in
bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, and we're thankful for it!

Read on to find out how to pick the perfect chandelier for your

Because of their dramatic shape, chandeliers add romanticism and
class to any room, but are put to especially good use in a bedroom.

Chandeliers are best used to add mood, we recommend getting a
chandelier that's on a dimmer and not the room's main source of light.
If you don't have recessed lighting in your bedroom, as the picture
above does, add floor or table lamps.

The style of your chandelier does not need to match the aesthetic of
your bedroom- a well thought out stylistic divergence can make the
biggest impact.

Tips on hanging your chandelier
When hanging a chandelier in a room with double-height ceilings,
hang about 10' from the floor. Because chandeliers are hung far
above the reach of small children and klutzy adults, you can choose a
piece that is far more ornate and delicate than other items in your
home. This is a low risk way to add an elegant feel to your space.

Always consider the room's proportions. Chandeliers, other than those
used as bedside lights, look best when hung so the bottom of your
chandelier is just higher than the tallest piece of furniture in the room.
To determine the best sized chandelier for your bedroom, add the
length and width of your room and then substitute the foot symbol for
inches: if your room is 12' by 17' your chandelier should be 29”.

Hanging a chandelier in a small bedroom is a foolproof way to
transform the space from mediocre to dazzling. A large glass or crystal
chandelier can add drama to a small bedroom without overwhelming
the space.

To maximize light refraction, choose unfrosted bulbs. If people will be
walking under your chandelier, make sure to leave a clearance of at
least 6'8.

If your chandelier has exposed globes, to prevent overheating, choose
bulbs with low wattage.

Lastly to prevent a fire hazard, always have your chandelier installed
by a licensed electrician!