Liam Brex was founded in downtown Naperville, IL by Amy Sandack and Lisa Sleckman. Placing our focus on combining professional service and dedication with innovative design techniques, Lisa and Amy are able to work closely with clients to ensure they are guided through the planning stages with appropriate budgeting. By working with each clients individual requirements, Lisa and Amy are able to exceed in meeting client expectations as well as satisfaction.

Liam Brex services Naperville and Chicago's suburbs with kitchen and bathroom renovations that fits the needs of our customers. Our design team is here to make your kitchen or bathroom remodeling job go as smoothly and successfully as possible. Lisa and Amy project manage the entire remodeling process to ensure a positive outcome, that leads to creating long-term relationships with each of our customers.  Lisa and Amy take pride in knowing their clients never have to regret any of their decisions because we explore every angle - "no coulda, woulda, shoulda".