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Interiors by Mary Susan began twenty five years ago this month.  It has been quite a journey.  I have designed homes from coast to coast including three in Hawaii and two in France. I was involved with the Ronald McDonald home at Loyola as well as the Constance Morris Home in LaGrange.  In addition, I have designed candy and card shops, restaurants and private businesses.  My design journey has been an honor and a privilege.  I still get excited over remaking just one room. Designing hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms has often brought me to a DeSitter showroom.                                                             

My relationship with DeSitter began over 15 years ago.  I was having carpet installed in a 10,000 sq ft home when, for personal reasons, the installer decided to quit that day.  The carpet was all cut up and my client’s home was in complete disarray.  I reached out to Steve DeSitter, one of the owners of DeSitter Flooring, located in the same town as my business.  DeSitter saved the day and that was the beginning of what has now become a long-term,professional relationship.

Steve and Tom have a reliable professional business that is supportive of both the community and designers. 

Below you will see some examples of DeSitter flooring that I have incorporated in my design work over the years.

Master Bedroom, View 1

Master Bedroom, View 2

Master Bedroom, View 3
This 12x24 porcelain tile format replaced a 12 x 12. The shower had some decorative accent tile added as well.  I added a wainscot to connect the two sides of this generous bathroom.  The arched window and oval tub shape is repeated in the grand chandelier.

Powder Room, View 1

Powder Room, View 2
​This herringbone stone pattern was custom cut to come off a grand foyer of the same stone in a larger format.  Notice the kite shaped mirrors are repeated in the custom cabinet doors.​​

Custom Kitchen
​I am mad for anything herringbone!  In this custom kitchen, with a zinc hood, glass tile has been installed in my favorite pattern. The carved and back painted glass bump out, fosters a one of kind custom look.

City Condo Kitchen
​With the home owner being a young woman…this silver back splash adds some glamour to offset the wood cabinetry.  ​​

Cosmopolitan Condo Master Bedroom
​Notice the soft gray carpeting that supports the soft colors of the ivory bed and dusty lavender walls.​​

DeSitter Traveling Tile
​This DeSitter tile back splash traveled all the way to Provence!

Creative Aggregate Flooring

Creative Aggregate Flooring - Close-Up

Creative Aggregate Flooring
​Here are some examples of using epoxied aggregate flooring.  Not only is this product easy to maintain,but you can do creative custom things such as inlays.  It spreads on the floor like rice Krispy treats.  It is the best thing for a Lower level with potential water issues. ​​

Mary Susan’s Top 10 Design Tips!
1. Go big or go home.  Always error on a larger size with chandeliers, artwork and tile!  Also, fewer larger accessories that look important are better than a lot of clutter.

2.There can be only so many divas in a room.  Everything cannot be the star!

3.Choose colors YOU love and not necessarily what is trending.  I promise you it is all a cycle.

4. Remember scale!  Scale is so important when selecting furnishings for a space.  Two 84” sofas can be completely different in scale because of style, yet the exact same size.

5.Stick with live or simple faux plants. Orchid’s rock.

6.Drapery mounted near a ceiling, when applicable, looks opulent and adds height to any room.

7.Remember rooms need to breathe. Just like you!  Do not feel you have to fill every corner.

8.Bookcases and mantels need special attention.  To me, there is nothing like thoughtfully placed books.

9. Spend money on good lamps and fine art and less on upholstery to elevate the look of a room.

10. The result of beautiful spaces that spill into one another is because they have just enough continuity to pull them together and just enough contrast to make them independently interesting.