The Importance of Stair Runners

The Importance of Stair Runners
If you’ve never heard of them before, you might be wondering what stair runners are and why you might need them. The good news is, that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you. For anyone who has a staircase in their home, they can be incredibly beneficial and you may find yourself wondering why you hadn’t looked into them before now. Even more good news is, they’re easy to have put in place and we’d love to assist you with that.

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Stair Runners for Your Home

Stair runners cover your stairs from bottom to top, without reaching the entire width of the staircase. In most cases, they are used to cover stairs constructed of such materials as solid wood, tile, or any other hard surface flooring. Since staircase widths vary, the width of these runners vary as well, and you can find them in a wide and expansive variety of styles, designs and colors.

The answer to “why have stair runners in the first place?” should be an obvious one. Simply stated, that answer is safety. The fact is, hard surface flooring can sometimes be slippery, especially if someone has walked over a freshly mopped floor or come in from out of the rain. At an even greater risk are those who might have issues with mobility, young children and your pets.

Even if you don’t have a reason to be concerned about safety, stair runners can simply add style and elegance to an already beautiful home. For staircases located in the main entrance of your home, it can be a focal point that sets the mood for the rest of the house. Better still, if you don’t see anything you like in the premade varieties, you can always custom order your very own.

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