Video Testimonials from DeSitter Flooring in La Grange, IL


Patrick & Rachel- La Grange, IL

We found Desitter Flooring online, we moved from Arizona here to La Grange, IL and we wanted a flooring company that could provide up carpeting, laminate and tile and Desitter was there to provide us with all our flooring needs. We were blessed to work with Steve and Peggy who helped us make the choices we wanted and were with us through installation and afterwards to make sure we were completely happy and we were really pleased with the outcome of how the entire house looks. The great thing about Desitter was the service we got, when we came in Steve really just took us in and made sure we felt comfortable with everything. He wasn't trying to push anything on us, he wanted to make sure we got what we wanted and that we were making the decisions and that we were the happiest we could be with the flooring we got. The laminate, the tile and the carpeting we got was exactly what we wanted.

Brian- Chicago, IL

Brian has been a customer of Desitter Flooring for 20 years and has done two homes with carpeting and a third home with both wood floors and carpeting. Brian is very happy with Desitter Flooring's prices, convenience and high quality. They come the day they say they are going to be there and their gone within a couple of hours. The carpeting they put into one of our homes we actually had there for 10 years so it was a nice high quality carpet that was not only there for 10 years, but sold the home with the carpeting we put in after using it for ten years.

Kate- La Grange, IL

I've lived in the La Grange area for almost 20 years and Desitter has seen me through many renovations and restorations and most recently I've purchased tile for the first time, I've done many rooms with carpet and it is the quintessential community business. They are very interested in pleasing the community and not just pleasing themselves and getting the job done and getting out, but making sure they have repeat customers and I'm one of them. I have been very grateful to have someone treat me well when I call, when I come in the showroom. The showrooms are wonderful but they also have the expertise to back up the product and that makes a big difference to the consumer. It's simply a different feel when you walk into Desitter. There are flooring stores all over the place and it is easy to stop in and look around. You often times don't get anyone to look at you or to pay any attention to you. That is certainly not the case here if you walk into Desitter you are not only going to get attention paid to you, you're not only going to find the product you need but people to back up the product to take care of you.

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