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Benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

One of the biggest appeals of this floor covering is that it can so closely mimic the look of natural resources. LVF can look just like natural stone, solid hardwood flooring, and even porcelain or ceramic tile. What’s more, that authentic look is accentuated by the addition of a real-feel as well, such as the grainy texture of wood or grout lines for your tile.

The best part about LVF is that you get the look of these real natural resources, without the maintenance and upkeep that is associated with them. The stone never has to be sealed, the hardwood doesn’t require refinishing and the tile will look like brand new for years to come. The only tools you’ll need to keep that look, are a vacuum or broom and a damp mop.
Contemporary luxury vinyl flooring from DeSitter Flooring in Glen Ellyn, IL & La Grange, IL
Durability is a feature included in this flooring that most homeowners simply love. Thanks to the top wear layer, you won’t see as many scratches, scuffs or dings, because it’s created to withstand just those things. This makes an ideal floor covering for areas where high traffic is ongoing and in homes where there are pets or small children.

The installation of this floor covering is a quick and easy procedure. Unlike those natural resources, you won’t have to give days or weeks to your installers. You won’t have to leave your home, kennel your pets or plan for an alternate placement for your children for a few days. What’s even better is the fact that you can walk on these floors as soon as the installation is complete.

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