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Area rugs are so useful

If you’ve never considered what area rugs could mean for your home, then we invite you to pause right now and consider just that. The benefits are far more extensive than a simple decorative rug here and there to accent the décor. And there’s more to it than giving a warm oasis from hard surface flooring. No, the benefits are extensive, and just about every homeowner can make great use of these.

At DeSitter Flooring, we take great care in making sure that we meet all the needs of our customers. We proudly service the areas of Western Springs, Glen Ellyn, LaGrange, Wheaton, Hinsdale, and Burr Ridge, with showrooms located in Glen Ellyn and LaGrange, IL. We invite you to stop by at your convenience to find out how area rugs can make a great addition to new and old flooring alike. Our flooring professionals will be standing by to assist you.

How area rugs can benefit any homeowner

When it comes to hard surface flooring, area rugs can be a real lifesaver. For one thing, they can be placed in areas alongside your bed, to form walkways, through your hall, or just anywhere you’d like a warm place for your feet. These make cold mornings so much more bearable, and you just have to experience it to understand the magnitude.

They can also be placed underneath heavy furniture, or furniture legs, to keep deep indentations from forming your luxury vinyl, laminate or hardwood flooring. This is a protective measure that many homeowners wish they had taken much sooner, as not all flooring is resilient.

These small rugs can also be strategically placed where they will catch and hold a lot of the dirt and debris, that can often lead to scratching and damage to your hard surface floors. Many times, the perfect placement is where people come into the house from outside. Not only does this save much of the damage that could otherwise be caused, it can also cut down on the amount of sweeping or vacuuming you have to do.

When it comes to area rugs and carpeted flooring, many of the benefits are the same. They decrease the dirt and debris carried into your home, where it can often pack down deep to create stains and foul odors. But more than anything, it can often increase the lifespan of your carpet. With much of the traffic kept off the carpet fibers themselves, they will last much longer.

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