Meet Ember & Brune

Ember & Brune is the collective vision of Brandie McCoy and Carrie Gallo. After 10+ years of working side by side, over time becoming increasingly dissatisfied with “industry standards”, they formed E&B to push boundaries and create a design-build / remodeling company like no other.From the first meeting to years after your project finishes, Carrie and Brandie are aware of what works and what doesn’t. By placing value in relationships with quality minded industry partners, E&B enlists the help of only those whose standards align with their own. This ensures client-focused construction that complements the character of the home and those who live there. E&B goes beyond good intentions- luxury is life well designed.

Ember & Brune’s #1 Remodeling Tip

Less house. More home. “We meet so many clients that struggle withthe decision to remodel, add an addition to their current home, or move.” saysBrandie McCoy, E&B’s co-founder. “It is not always possible to geteverything you want out of your home without a major addition or moving.However, we love a challenge.” E&B subscribes to the idea that your homeshould be your haven. This means, when you come home from traveling, or a longday at work, you should always feel a sense of comfort. “That feeling evolvesfrom a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional for yourlifestyle.”

Homes are not one size or shape fits all. Ember & Brune takes the time to understand your lifestyle, daily routines, and family’s needs before formulating a plan. “Most people we meet with think they need to add square footage to get a large enough kitchen to entertain their growing family or bump out a portion of the garage to get the mudroom they dreamed of ,”explains Brandie, “more often, re-purposing an existing space that is not being used effectively or re-organizing the floor plan to flow more appropriately is our solution.” E&B has tastefully turned formal living room spaces into larger kitchens, garage attic spaces into laundry rooms, and unfinished basements into all kinds of living spaces.

“Gone are the days of the formal dining room you use once or twice a year, or the formal sitting room you can see but not touch,” says Brandie.

Functional,meaningful, livable space. That's what less house/more home is all about.