Waterproof flooring is used to describe any product that does not take on water damage when subjected to spills, dampness, humidity, or moisture. Some materials, such as porcelain tile and some types of all-natural stone, protect against water damage naturally, but we will discuss your other options today.

More about your waterproof flooring choices

Waterproof vinyl flooring protects against damage thanks to a specific core material you don’t even see. This core is made of wood plastic composite (WPC), stone plastic composite (SPC), or 100% vinyl and will never buckle, warp, crack, or swell, no matter how much water it comes in contact with.

Waterproof laminate flooring is created a little differently, protecting against water damage from the top in the form of spills, splashes, and humidity. However, if you have moisture issues that arise from beneath, you'll want to make sure a moisture or vapor barrier is added before installing the materials.

Both of these materials will serve you well, especially in homes with pets and children. However, if you have basements or laundry rooms that need flooring, luxury vinyl is often the better option, as they are rated even for flood conditions. If you’d like even more information about these materials, feel free to visit us to speak with a flooring professional at your convenience.

Find the flooring that serves your home well

At DeSitter Flooring, we offer various materials that cater to all your needs, whether related to appearance, durability, or lifespan. There are products for every homeowner, and our associates are dedicated to ensuring you find yours.

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