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Every DeSitter Commercial Flooring customer benefits from our unwavering commitment to quality that has kept our family-owned and operated business strong for almost a century. Founded in 1920 by Louis DeSitter, our company continues to be guided by his principles and vision, proudly serving our clients and communities through many generations.
Today, third generation co-owners Steve DeSitter and Tom Cunningham continue their grandfather’s legacy of excellence, serving everyone with integrity and care. Come to DeSitter Commercial Flooring and discover for yourself why repeat buyers always depend on us for all their commercial projects large and small.
Services offered by DeSitter Flooring
WE SERVE YOUR INDUSTRY - We are Full-Service Chicago Commercial Flooring Professionals. No matter which industry your company serves, we have the perfect floors for you. DeSitter can help you make a lasting impression on your clients the moment that they walk in.

DESIGN & CONSULTATION - Our Professional Design and Consultation Services are available to assist you. We begin by working with you to develop an in-depth assessment of your project’s budget, product and service needs.

JOB SITE MANAGEMENT - Our Sales Professionals are in constant communication with your project team. With weekly site meetings, work in progress meetings and job site quality control.


What are your commercial flooring needs?

If you need commercial flooring, you probably already know that there are a wide variety of materials and services at your disposal. The ones that work best for your specific needs are dependent on certain factors that we will assess on a case-by-case basis. Here are a few facts that could help steer you in the right direction for the very best commercial options.

Commercial flooring you can count on

Commercial settings require flooring with specific attributes and characteristics, and they can vary drastically from business to business. For instance, if you are flooring a place of worship, you will need an entirely different material than if you need flooring for a factory floor. The good news is that we can help match you with perfect options for both and everything in between.

Commercial carpet is a perfect choice for offices, waiting rooms, and educational facilities because it is not only durable but provides stunning visuals that match nearly any décor. The fibers in this specific flooring line are created for heavy traffic, repetitive wear, and stain protection, so you’ll find it lasts longer than many other materials like it.

Carpet tile is a smart option, especially for spaces where stains and damage are a greater possibility. If these pieces become damaged, you don’t have to replace all the flooring in the room. Instead, you can remove the affected pieces and replace them with new ones, so it looks like you have new flooring throughout.

We understand your installation needs and work to ensure as little downtime for your establishment as possible. Our associates will discuss your chosen flooring's details and work with you to create solutions that work for you. If you have questions about these materials or services, be sure to let us know.

We’ll find you the flooring that serves your needs

At DeSitter Flooring, we offer the products and services that meet your needs, whatever that happens to be. We specialize in all areas, from product selection and design consultation to installation and aftercare. Our associates and technicians are trained and trustworthy, so you don't have to worry about a less than perfect experience.

If you are in the Bolingbrook area, we invite you to visit us and see the difference we can make for your business. We look forward to providing you with the best commercial flooring, no matter your project size.
Commercial Sales Bolingbrook, IL - Tim Kelliher - Desitter Flooring

Tim Kelliher

Commercial Sales - 21+ yrs
Ryan Reith - Field Supervisor / Estimator at DeSitter Flooring in Bolingbrook, IL


Commercial Sales
Mark Minger Commercial Sales Bolingbrook, IL - Desitter FlooringSales - Keith Coote - Desitter Flooring

Mark Minger

Commercial Sales
Tim Gates

Tim Gates

Commercial Estimator
Broadloom carpet & carpet tile
Ceramic tile/natural stone
LVT (Luxury vinyl plank or tile)
Resilient / VCT / Sheet vinyl
Laminate / Hardwood
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