Kimberly J’s Designs

Kimberly Toliver

Office:  630 790-0148
Cell:  630 750-0173

Kim’s design philosophy is simple, elegant, and sensitive to the architecture of the home. She believes a home’s interior design should enhance and reflect the style of the home’s exterior.

Old and new furnishings are equally important, and Kim has always been involved in the antique business. She knows that there is something special that happens when you can feel the warmth of character that comes with using beautiful; warm antiques mixed with the new and fresh. Authenticity is also an imperative feature in her design philosophy, as is quality. She believes that the flow of a home should feel natural, not forced.

Kim maintains very close relationships with her clients, getting to know their tastes and lifestyles.  This allows her to create the perfect unique space tailored especially for them and their needs. The home should tell the story of its owner, and Kim does her best to create a perfect balance of aesthetic beauty, as well as a reflection of the families’ personality and what is meaningful to them. Kim has an “old school” approach to interior design, and feels that good design is everlasting.
Interior design is an art, not a science, and there are no conformities- there are only appropriate answers for a space to create the most pleasing and exciting rooms.